HOW TO TAKE THE PERFECT MEASUREMENTS (sizing guide to be found under each individual garment's page)

Follow the simple diagram below to take your measurements. These measurements are called body measurements. A style specific sizing guide has been provided below each style which includes suggested body measurements and the actual garment measurements. By subtracting the garment measurement from your body measurement you be will given an indication of how loose fitting the garment will be.

General BENA sizing guidelines:

- Sleepwear: take your true chart size

- Trackwear: Take your chart size for a regular fit and one size smaller that your chart size for a more fitted look (similar to the model's look).

- Daywear: take your true chart size

pajama sizing guide


If you're still confused about what size to order we're very happy to help. Simply send us an email - It's important to us that you find the perfect fit.