Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


www.bena.co.za ("the site") enables buyers to shop for garments online. All visitors to the site ("users" or "you") will be able to see and buy the garments on offer.

Legally Binding Contract
All users and account holders, including those that buy from the site ("buyers") are bound by these terms and conditions ("Ts & Cs"). By registering, or using the site at all, you recognise that you've read and accepted these terms and conditions.
With Whom are You Entering Into a Contract? The site is owned and run by BENA.

Products and Availability
Please note that the stock of all items on offer is limited. BENA will make all reasonable attempts to ensure that special offers are brought to an end when stock runs out. If it happens that BENA is unable to fulfill any order at the advertised price because stock is sold out, BENA will let you know and you'll be entitled to a reimbursement for the rand value you have paid for such product. 

Buying Products
The site allows you, the user, to place electronic orders ("order") for one or more products on offer as long as such products are available and not sold out. A purchasing contract ("sale") between you and BENA only comes into effect once you have fully completed AND submitted the online order form for one or more products in your basket ("shopping cart") AND your payment has been authorised by BENA (or has been received into BENA's bank account). The above is dependent on the product being available. Products on BENA cannot be reserved to be bought at a later stage, and placing an item in your basket without completing the order does not amount to a sale or an order. This means that BENA may remove any item from your basket before the sale actually takes place in the event of the product going out of stock. BENA cannot be held responsible if an order has become unavailable by the time you try to complete a purchase at a later stage. A copy of this invoice will be included in your parcel.


Cancelling and Ending Orders

BENA reserves the right to refuse processing of payment for any order and/or to cancel any purchase, partially or completely, with notice given to you. BENA will be liable for reimbursing you the rand value paid only if you have already paid for the cancelled order. You have the right to return item(s) purchased (see BENA's Delivery and Returns Policy for more information).



Paying by Credit Card

We accept payments made by Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards, SnapScan as well as EFT. When you place an order, the transaction details are presented to the bank for authorisation of the payment amount. If authorisation is not obtained, the order is cancelled. If authorisation is obtained, payment is usually immediate. You guarantee that you are fully authorised to use the credit card for payment of your order and that there are sufficient funds in this credit card account to cover the costs of any transactions you complete on BENA.

Paying by EFT
In the EFT process, be sure to use your order number as payment references. Note you have 24 hours to pay once you've placed an order. We'll start processing the order once you forward your proof of payment to us.


    Returns and Reimbursement
      Defective Products
        Discount Vouchers and Coupons

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          BENA has to take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information.
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          Terms and Discontinuation: These terms and conditions take effect on the date of first publication of the website and continue indeterminately. They may be revised by BENA from time to time (as described above), for as long as the website continues to exist and be operated. BENA is entitled to terminate these terms and conditions or close down the website at any time, subject to processing any pending purchases. If you don't meet your obligations regarding these terms and conditions, including any incidents about payment and price or an order, and you neglect to rectify such non-adherence within 5 working days after BENA has instructed you to do so, your access to the service will be blocked. We have the right to close your account and deny you access to the site, depending on the severity of your actions. Such action on the part of BENA will not have any negative effect on any damages BENA may claim.